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At DockBloxx, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality, innovative dock accessories designed to elevate your time on the water. Explore our unique products and find the perfect additions to your boating and docking experience

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DockBloxx is awesome! I just got done installing two fans, flag mount, hose mount and camera mounts. Super easy install - no drilling the dock poles and the fans move a crazy amount of air.

Nick F

DockBloxx is awesome! Great products and very innovative. I use these products personally and highly recommend DockBloxx to my family, friends and customers that buy docks from us at Marine Specialties. They're always coming up with something new!

Stan L

We had DockBloxx give us an estimate to store and secure our lily pad and power cord. They responded quickly and exceeded our expectations with setup and installation.If you need help with dock storage, give them a call!

Nancy H

Strong work-strong product. Literally - sturdy, solid work. Easy to work with and install. Great solutions for a much neater looking dock. We have the fishing rod holder and the flag pole holder. Both products are holding strong. Super useful! Thanks for the knowledgeable communication and irreplaceable dock solutions!

Jennifer F

A can crusher is a key feature everyone needs on the dock! Fewer trips to schlep the garbage up the hill! Plenty of cup holders for all drink types, a place to dry life vests (other than strewn across the boat and dock) and finally a proper spot for the lily pad. Some velcro to hold waterproof bags for electronics on the dock (always a risk avoidance measure). Check out all the solutions Dock Bloxx has for you!

Katy V

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