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My name is Brady Bragg, the inventor of DockBloxx, and this is the DockBloxx story;
I grew up going to my great grandparents’ lake house on beautiful 38,000 acre Lake Sidney Lanier in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains.

As a young kid, I got a good taste of what lake life was all about and boating has been a passion of mine from as early as I can remember. When the 1996 Olympic Games came to Atlanta, the rowing events were held on Lake Lanier, and I was instantly hooked.

After the Olympic Games, I joined the kayak team at the Olympic Rowing Center after and paddled
internationally until I turned 18. Then, I got my first job at holiday marina and worked the rental and fuel
docks for 6 summers. I developed mechanical skills working with the rental fleet mechanic and worked
beside him for a few years. This led to an opportunity to work at a nearby offshore race boat shop
assembling world class race boats. This is where I learned how to design and fabricate custom brackets
for various applications for the demanding high-performance boats. In 2017, I moved to Atlanta (the
farthest ever from the lake) to pursue a technically oriented professional opportunity. I quickly learned
that City Life and Corporate Life simply weren’t for me. So, after a year, I decided to create a self-guided
future for myself focused on working in and around the lake, but what exactly?

I reflected upon my days working at the Holiday Marina docks. Frankly, I was amazed at just how sloppy
Gangways and Fingers looked with all the Float Pads, Pull-Behind Toys, Water Hoses, and everything else Dock Side cluttering up the docks. There had to be a better solution.

So, DockBloxx was born!

It took 2 years of spare time, engineering, energy, and pocket change to develop my first prototype in
January of 2020 and my "first batch" of reliable, successful products in early summer of 2020.

With rapid adoption and feedback from the boaters and marinas on Lake Lanier, we’ve made significant progress on design improvements and are now shipping products as far away as Lake Havasu.

Thank you for visiting our site and exploring our products.

We hope that DockBloxx will help you, your friends, and your neighbors create a better Dock Life ™

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