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Introducing the Table Bloxx: Your Single-Sided or Double-Sided Collapsible Table Solution

This is the perfect accessory for any dock owner looking for a functional yet space-saving solution for a table setup on their dock.

Table Bloxx Uno: Your Single-Sided Collapsible Table Solution

Transform your dock with the Table Bloxx Uno, the perfect accessory for any dock owner looking for a functional yet space-saving solution. This single-sided collapsible table is designed to enhance your dock experience by providing a convenient surface for your activities without taking up permanent space.

Key Features Table Bloxx Uno:

  • Collapsible Design: The Table Bloxx Uno features a smart collapsible design, allowing it to be easily folded down when not in use, maximizing your dock space.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the table is designed to withstand the outdoor dock environment, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is quick and straightforward, making it convenient for dock owners to start using their new table right away.
  • Secure Mounting: Attaches securely to your dock, providing a stable and reliable surface for dining, entertaining, or working.
  • UV Resistant: The materials used are UV resistant, protecting the table from sun damage and prolonging its aesthetic appeal.
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty: Your Table Bloxx Uno comes with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty, offering peace of mind and ensuring satisfaction.

Enhance your dock functionality with the Table Bloxx Uno and enjoy the convenience of a collapsible table that is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Proudly made in the U.S.A, it’s the ideal addition for any dock owner looking to optimize their space.

Table Bloxx Duo: Your Double-Sided Collapsible Table Solution

Double the functionality on your dock with the Table Bloxx Duo, the ultimate double-sided collapsible table designed for versatility and efficiency. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or need extra space for your dock activities, this table is designed to meet your needs while conserving dock space.

Key Features for Table Bloxx Duo:

  • Double-Sided Access: The Table Bloxx Duo offers a large surface area with access from both sides, making it perfect for gatherings and versatile dock use.
  • Collapsible Mechanism: Equipped with a robust collapsible mechanism, the table can be easily folded away to free up space when not in use.
  • Sturdy Installation: Mounts securely to your dock, providing a durable and stable platform for all your dockside activities.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials: Constructed from materials designed to resist weather elements, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • UV Protection: Treated to resist UV damage, the table maintains its look and functionality even under constant sun exposure.
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty: Comes with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your dock with the Table Bloxx Duo and make the most of your space while enjoying the flexibility of a large, double-sided table. Designed and made in the U.S.A, it’s your go-to solution for enhancing dockside functionality and enjoyment.

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